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Air roaster stirring and roasting coffee beans
Air Roasted to Perfection

Unique Coffee

What makes our coffee unique? The answer is simple: we employ a mix of arts and science to create the standard by which all coffees are judged. We strive to maintain the utmost freshness and quality and educate our customers on the best methods to care for their Kaladi Coffee once it leaves our roasting facility.

We go further than most coffee companies to create a truly unique coffee experience, but the effort is worth it when you taste the Kaladi Difference.

Man leaning to carefully smell and taste coffee with a spoon
Finding the Perfect Aroma

The Process

Green arabica bean icon

We begin by selecting the finest beans available, using a stringent process of tasting and comparing. We buy only high-grade, shade grown, washed mild, Arabica green coffee from the best coffee-growing regions in the world.

Orange bean icon showing fast movement

Our Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster represents the most advanced technology in coffee roasting to date. Our roaster uses fresh, hot air to roast coffee rather than a heated surface used by traditional barrel roasters. The result is a clean, uniform roast, that’s free of the bitter-tasting tars left behind in traditional roasters.

Blue bean icon with ice crystals

To preserve the superior properties our roaster creates, we freeze all coffee not used within 18 hours of roasting. This process ensures our coffee is absolutely "roaster fresh" when you purchase it. Freezing coffee in an airtight container is the only scientifically proven method for extending the life of roasted coffee beyond a few days.

Card inserted into cup holding beans with text that describes the coffee
Stringent Coffee Testing

Kaladi Guarantee

If you don't agree that Kaladi Brothers Coffee is fresher and better tasting that the coffee you are presently drinking, just return the unused portion for a full refund.

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