A Letter From Our CEO On COVID-19

Kaladi Brothers Coffee A man in a black sweatshirt standing in front of a Kaladi Brothers Coffee sign in Alaska.

Dear Kaladi Friends,

In light of the ongoing and fast-changing updates on the Coronavirus and the actions
being taken both nationally and now locally, we want to do what we can to aid in
preventative measures and to ease concerns of our staff, our customers, and our

Beginning today, all of our cafe locations will only be serving take-out orders in to-go
packaging for all beverage and food items. We will continue to honor the discounts we
offer for those customers who have been using their personal mugs. We have already
implemented these preventative measures in the previous weeks at our Seattle cafe
and are now extending them company-wide as we prepare for impacts here within our
Alaskan communities.

We will continue our diligence in being extra vigilant in disinfecting and wiping down
cafe surfaces and demonstrating ongoing best practices for food and beverage
handling. We will continue to follow updates on CDC recommendations and provide
further communication on any additional changes and updates in the coming days.


Tim Gravel
Kaladi Brothers Coffee