The 2019 Red Goat Holiday Gift Guide

Kaladi Brothers Coffee The Alaska red goat holiday gift guide featuring Kaladi Brothers Coffee.


Chances are, you take great pride in wanting to get your friends and family the perfect gift for the holidays, but maybe you don’t really know what to get them? Well, you could keep reading this blog post and check out our holiday gift guide! We’ve spent many years picking out cool goat gear for everyone to enjoy year round so you could say that we’re pretty experienced.

Whether you’re shopping for your parents that always run out of coffee, your sister that keeps losing her Hydro Flask, or your best friend that just deserves the wonderful gift of Kaladi, we’ve got you covered.


Holiday Roast – Sumatra Raja Batak ($16.95)

With notes of Apricot, Molasses, and Thyme, you can now bring a taste of the season home with a pound of our Holiday Roast – Sumatra Raja Batak: a delicious single origin coffee developed specifically for the holiday season!

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Salmon Sisters – Mug Up Collection ($2-55)

Inspired by Alaskan fisheries and an on-going tradition known as “Mug Up” this collection came to life when the Brothers of Kaladi Brothers Coffee and the Sisters of Salmon Sisters came together to celebrate the tradition that is so unique to Alaskans.

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Hanging with the Locals ($3-30)

Hanging with the Locals simply stand for community…the community that exists in the wildlife, in our cities, and in our cafes. This past summer, we designed this collection with our community in mind because that is what fuels us over here at Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

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Just a Kid from Alaska ($3-50)

Whether you are from Alaska or not, anyone can rock this collection because the Red Goat is the “kid” (baby goat) from Alaska.

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Holiday Gift Boxes ($35-55)

Not quite sure what to get for your loved ones? Well…we do have these awesome pre-packaged gift boxes, each a little different, which all include our freshly roasted coffee.

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Aeropress ($35.95)

Invented by engineer Alan Adler, of Aerobie Frisbee fame, the AeroPress has, fittingly, inspired crazy ingenuity in a variety of brew methods. The portable and lightweight AeroPress brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are…we love it for fly fishing trips down to the Kenai River.

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RBD Pottery Coffee Cherry Mug ($45)

This one is for that one art lover in your family. Our friends Rachel and Jamin of RBD Pottery spent over an hour crafting each one of a kind piece making each and every one of them unique. The design was inspired by coffee cherry trees which represents Kaladi as well as the origins of coffee.

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